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Ark Naturals - No Stains Fur Me

Ark Naturals - No Stains Fur Me

Ark Naturals

  • 2055

This powder supplement by Ark Naturals is a natural botanical formula that helps to reduce eye and paw stains on your pets. Pet eye stains are caused by pet tearing. Paw stains are caused by excessive licking. Damp pet hair, both eyes and paws, produce the same type of bacteria. The most common is Red Yeast. No Stains Fur Me, a natural herbal formula, supports your pets’ immune system and is helpful for bacteria and yeast responsible for the stains.

  • Helps to reduce eye and paw rust stains
  • Natural botanical formula
  • Made in the USA
  • For dogs and cats 12 weeks and older

Directions for Use:

Use enclosed scoop and apply recommended amount to pet's food

Recommended Use: 5lbs and under- 1/2 scoop per day, 6 to 10lbs- 1 scoop per day, 11 to 50lbs- 1½ scoops per day, 50lbs and over- 2 scoops per day


Active: Olive leaf extract, Pau d' Arco, vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), Oregon grape root, exclzyme pet

Inactive: Chicken flavor (natural), rice concentrate, stevia


63 grams

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